Who’s behind Pleb TLV?

Who else is involved?

The program also includes external mentors and advisors: Giacomo Zucco, Ryan Gentry, and Jacob Strumwasser.

Why are we doing it?

We’re out to harness the energy and talent in Tel Aviv to drive innovation and accelerate Bitcoin’s rise to its full potential.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the native currency of the Internet. Read more here.

Why Tel Aviv?

The mediterranean capital of cool is the epicenter of tech and VC in the EMEA area in virtually every vertical. Whatever industry you’re disrupting with bitcoin, the people are here.

Tel Aviv resembles Silicon Valley in many ways. The big difference is that the community is much denser. Tel Aviv is more like a small town – everybody knows everybody, and we all take each other’s calls.

Tel Aviv isn’t the next big thing, it’s the already-big thing with better weather than Mountain View, a cosmopolitan feel where fine dining and shawarma are equally at home, and a beach for every preference.

WTF is a pleb?

Plebs stay humble and curious, are always learning, and understand that the rabbit hole never ends.

Who can apply to the program?

Anyone who wants to build a Bitcoin or Lightning venture.

What does the program provide?

All you need to bring your venture to life. See here.

What’s the format?

The first 4-8 weeks are dedicated to training and ideation. Selected mentors work closely with the teams to refine their ideas and develop a prototype. Based on the initial work, Pleb TLV will decide whether to continue working with the team and enter a second stage (2-3 months), during which we provide continued mentoring, funding, and access to our global network. The second stage prepares the company for an initial release (MVP) and to secure additional funds.

How much do you invest?

Investment terms and tools will vary for each project depending on its stage and needs.

Do you provide office space?

Yes, we can provide teams with suitable office space in the center of Tel-Aviv.

If you have any other questions or need more information, please contact us.